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Product Name:P37.5
Product Description:LED color screen Introduction

LED color screen is a stage background has been an important media and information display. Than other media such as neon lights, cloth decorative lighting, signage, signs, etc. even more dynamic, its rate of change, content, approach is Bimei of other media can not. It can take text, graphics, images of real-time work on the production and living a more practical real-time and mobility. It also played landscaping, heighten the atmosphere of an important role. Widely used in airports, railway stations, ports, hotels, shopping malls, stadiums and other places, for information display, advertising and video images. LED display current information in the media as a new generation has become a symbol of modernization, urban information. As social and economic progress, and the LED display technology continues to improve, people's understanding of the LED display will be more in-depth, the applications will be more broad.

Main Specifications:

1 pixel pitch 37.5mm
2 pixel density of 711 points / m
3 pixels form a blue-red 1 pure green 1
4 Unit Size 300X300 (mm)
Box Size 600X600 (mm)
5 unit weight of 1kg
Box weight 4.5 kg
140 degree horizontal viewing angle screen 6
7 the vertical angle of 60 degrees the screen
8 Best viewing distance of 50 ~ 2000 meters
9 video format and video source synchronous display
10 red, green and blue gray scale of the 1024
11 red, green, blue, white stain color uniformity without visual
12 static drive current source drive
13 shows the color of 10.7374 billion
14 frame frequency ≥ 60HZ
15 refresh rate ≥ 1000HZ
16 computer operating platform WINDOWS98, NT, 2000, XP
17 ≥ 48 小时 continuous working time
18-screen life of> 100,000 hours
19 MTBF> 10,000 hours
20 control points / blind spot rate of 0.01%
21 voltage AC220V ± 15%
22 Power <40W / sq m
23 Color Temperature 3000 ~ 8500K (adjustable)
24 White Balance Brightness 1500 cd / ㎡
25 continuous stepless brightness adjustment (manual / automatic)
26 use of ambient temperature: -20 ℃ ~ +50 ℃

27 Protection class IP65

28 material can be anti-static, anti-acid, electromagnetic interference shielding

Transmission distance of 100 meters)
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