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 Outdoor dual/single color LED Sign Display Screen
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Product Name:Outdoor dual/single color LED Sign Display Screen
Product Description:

Outdoor dual/single color LED Sign Display Screen


Product Features
1.Adopting high brightness led,can see clearly under direct splar radiation.
2.The resolution of the screen and the control PC is the same,hence it can show rich color.
3.It has no restrictions to the control system,can display synchronously with the PC.
4.Can Adjust the contrast,brightness automatically,its super high refresh rate make the image more stable.
5.Whole display is designed with modules installed in cabinets,easy for installation and maintainence.
6.With super protection for the circuit,it can bear the high voltage and static.

Product Specification
No. Item P14 P16 P20 P25
1 Pixel pitch 14mm 16mm 20mm 25mm
2 Resolution(dots/m²) 5102 3906 2500 1600
3 Configuration 2R or 2R1G
4 Surface protection specially designed black cover
5 Driving Static IC:MBI5026
6 Driving mode static constant driving
7 brightness ≥4000cd /m²
8 Viewing angle Horizontal :120°;vertical:60°
9 Viewing distance 10-300m
10 Whole display flatness <0.5mm
11 Space between cabinets <0.2mm
12 Display mode Synchronously display with PC
13 Acceptable mode VGA640*480,800*600,1024*768
14 Visual amendment Red, green, independent non-linear calibration
15 Transfer mode Digital/Serial Communications
16 Communication/Rate Synchronously20Mbps
17 Screen refresh rate 200 frames/S
18 Screen weight 60kg/m²
19 lifetime 100,000 hours

Product Application
Widely used in exhibition hall,economic centre,advertising company,sports stadium,airport,dock.bus station,street,high way etc to display information and advertisement.

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