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LED display led to shorten life factors
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Shenzhen LED company, four LED display manufacturers to introduce a fatal factor, LED electronic display, shorten the life of the present, with the development of China LED display industry continues to increase, in the large LED display screen streets and lanes each big city slowly up, people's consumption level is increasing day by day, LED lighting has been gradually applied to the family. Daily life, LED electronic display can not only enhance the image of the city, but also enrich the cultural life of the people, in this respect can reflect the development speed of the LED industry is so fast, as we enjoy the LED electric Zi Ping bring economic benefits at the same time, some with LED electronic display business did not fully understand the LED electronic screen operation and the use of attention matters, to shorten the LED electronic display life. Here, four display technology Co. Ltd. senior professionals to parse the LED electronic display screen operation and points for attention in use, to ensure that the LED display system safety, normal operation!
A switch LED electronic display screen, matters needing attention:
The 1 switch sequence:
Peacock: first boot, after opening screen.
Off screen time: first off screen, after shutdown
(first off the computer not display screen body, can cause high bright, burning lamp, serious consequences. )
2, switch screen time interval must be greater than 5 minutes.
3, the computer control software into the project, Fang Kai Ping power.
4, avoid to spread the white screen in full screen mode, because the impact current when the maximum of the system.
5, to avoid out of control mode to open, because the impact current when the maximum of the system.
A computer does not have access control software program;
The B computer is not powered;
C control power supply is not open.
Don't HERSHEY'S 6 environmental temperature is too high or cooling conditions, should be careful not to long time fans.
7 electronic body part of the display line appears very bright, attention should be timely and off screen, not long time to spread in this state.
8 often display power switch trip, should be timely inspection screen or replacement of the power supply switch.
9 regular inspection of articulated at the solid. If loosening, pay attention to timely adjust,, re hanging pieces of reinforcement or update.
10 according to the large screen display screen, the control part of the environmental conditions, to avoid bites, when necessary, should be placed on anti poison.
Two, the control part of the change, change notice
1 computer, control power line section of zero, the fire can not reverse, should be strictly according to the location of the original plug. As a peripheral, the connection is completed, should be tested chassis is charged.
2 mobile computers and other control equipment, first check the connections before power lines, control board has no loose.
3 can not arbitrarily change communication lines, flat lines connect the location, length.
4 found after moving short circuit, tripping, burning, smoke and other abnormalities appear, should not be repeated test, should be timely to find the problem.
Three software operating precautions
1 backup software: WIN2003, WINXP, application, software installation program, database, recommend the use of "one key to restore the" software, easy to operate.
2 master installation method, the original data recovery, backup.
3 master set based data, preset control parameter modification
4 skilled in the use of process, operation and editing.
5 regular check for viruses, delete irrelevant data
6 non professional, do not operate the software system.
Four display Co. Ltd.: sales hotline: 18127092858
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