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The new direction for the development of LED display industry
Date£º2014/3/24 10:44:23      Back   

As everyone knows, LED display is an industry in the modern society, it is widely used in engineering business, bank, hotel, large commercial plaza, a roadside shop, mobile phone shop and so on various industries, the Shenzhen city four display technology Co. Ltd to introduce you to the new direction of development of LED display industry.
Shenzhen city four Display Technology Co Ltd is a LED display, LED optoelectronic product development, production, sales of integrated high-tech enterprises. LED display from P1.0 to P50, P100 these specifications P3 P4 P5 P6 P7.62 P10 inside the P16 is shipped most routine is the biggest, because the LED display program standard transparent, resulting in manufacturing these products is extremely low, is a screen factory basically can produce, because uses is unified no differences in the technical scheme, so the various manufacturers in order to compete for the market started to price battle. The industry price has no minimum, only lower statement. Then how can we go out like this circle, personally think that relying on its own advantage prominent features to find a blue ocean.
Some companies channels suitable module wholesale, some R & D strength suitable for technology innovation walking in the forefront of the industry, the company funds for super large projects, some of the strength of the company is generally more conservative can follow the trend, some companies just want to in the industry mix mouth meal hungry on the line that do a two dealers quality goods do a small screen transformation of small projects, etc.. The path is a lot of to find the suitable model for the development of their own.

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