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Company name: Shenzhen city four display technology Limited

Phone: 0755-33937969\/33937588\/33935266\/33937981\/33937982

Fax: 0755-33937326

Company e-mail:

Postal Code: 518103

Company address: Shenzhen City, Baoan District Fuyong Town Bridge Industrial Zone in the three building A16

Unified national customer service telephone: 400-666-3844

Major projects: the 0755-33937588 mobile phone: 13902445258 contact: Mr.

Mobile phone: 13902445258 contact: Mr.

Hefei: Hefei Branch Company

Phone: 0551-5674533

Mobile phone: 13365511928

Address: Hefei City West Washington Chun Court 26 building 406

Hongkong: four Hongkong science and Technology Group Limited

Telephone: ( 852) 25208839

Fax: ( 852) 21296308

Address: Hongkong Tongluowan Sugar Street No. 1 Tongluowan commercial building, 6 floor

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Sales Hotline: Mr. Lee: 0755-33937963-807 mobile phone:13902482134 Fax: 0755-33937326 QQ:2355851232 technical support: Yu Gong:13902475404 QQ:2355851235 Li Gong:13902485784 QQ:446542748 Mo Gong: 13430969692 QQ:2355851232
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